Investment Answers: The ABCs of Insurance

The insurance idea is old age. The concept has been around for ages and has proven to play an essential role in people’s and businesses’ financial well-being.  Although some may depict that insurance is not an investment strategy, it is a significant brick that forms the foundation of a great financial plan. Buying a life insurance policy is the ultimate way to a lifetime investment. Most people do not understand how one can invest through life insurance; here are the why and the how. 

When you buy a life insurance policy, it essentially means purchasing financial protection for your family. However, there is more to life insurance policies than the protection against uncertainties that come with the untimely demise of an individual. Two types of life insurance that can help you invest are permanent and term. Both policies allow for death benefits and at the same time give a person a chance to invest. The permanent policy incorporates an investment component known as cash value. This means that part of your insurance premium goes into cash value which grows tax-deferred and one can use this to invest during their lifetime. On the other hand, the term policy allows an individual to buy a life policy and invest the rest of the additional funds into other investments such as stocks. 

When one buys a permanent policy the cash value may grow meaningfully by retirement. While withdrawing the cash can minimize the death benefit, one may use the cash for investment and choose to forgo the insurance element. A life insurance investment through the dividends paid in small amounts increases the general worth of your investments.